DIY: Sugar Lip Scrub

Today I got a chance to try Fresh sugar lip polish aka lip scrub. If you guys don’t know, Fresh is a Boston based company..and thats where i live! Anyway, the sale associate was nice enough to have me try on their lip products. I like the Advanced Lip Treatment (see picture in my Fresh skincare post), so i bought that one. However, I did not like the coarse texture of the lip scrub. I think its too rough for me! It hurt my lips after i rub it in. =(

So I decided to make my own lip scrub with white granulated sugar. It turns out successful, so I’m sharing it with you all.

Its a very simple product. Just mix everything together! ^^ Adjust the amount of ingredients as to how you like the texture of your scrub to be. Exfoliate once or twice per week; after exfoliating don’t forget to apply lip treatment to keep your lips hydrated. You can also do a quick scrub before applying highly pigmented lipsticks. A nice clean lip will not only helps to make the lipstick look smooth, but the lipstick will also last longer.

Things you will need:
1. Sugar: the type of sugar you use will depends on how coarse/rough you like the scrub paste to be
2. Olive oil
3. Lip treatment product: you can use lip balm, bees wax, vaseline (petroleum jelly), chapstick…the thickness of this product will affect the texture of your scrub
I used my Clarin HydraQuench Moisture Lip balm.
4. Lip gloss: this will add color and fragrance; therefore, its OPTIONAL! I used the Lancome Juicy Tubes gloss in Beach plum.
5. Another OPTIONAL ingredient is honey.

Hope you like it!



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