Mary Ching’s Blog

Since I’m the editor for Mary Ching’s blog for the duration of my internship, I thought I might share it you all =) Feel free to go follow their blog/website for the latest updates of on the life of Mary Ching. Welcome to the Chingdom!




High Fashion Nails

Hermes, Gucci, YSL, Fendi…that’s old school. Now its the era for the chic sensation of Mary CHING! What do you think of matching your favorite MC stilettos with purple nails and a touch of funky design? Its time to be opulent and provocative, yet, elegant. Picture found in Vogue China during the the picture hunt to fulfill the inspirational collage.


Rocking Beijing

A few weeks ago our beloved Mary Ching’s shoes rocked the runway of Beijing’s BNC (Brand New China) fashion show. BNC is a platform to cultivate China’s cutting-edge designer fashion opened by sophisticated Chinese media veteran Hong Huang. I do not think there’s anywhere better to show case our talent than on a runway for “made in China”. Thank you BNC for expanding the Chingdom to the capital!
Photos credit to BNC.


Christine and the Queens

As Ms. Mary Ching enjoyed the Christine and the Queens, a band that played at Dior party last weekend at Zeal, we would like to spread the love to our dear Mary Ching fans. Thumbs up for the sweet note from their manager. One day Ms. Mary Ching and Christine and the Queens will certainly get to meet again. Girls, make sure you check out the letter we got!


We met on Saturday at the Zeal Club, in Shanghai. I’m managing Christine and the Queens. I just wanted to say it was really nice to meet you the other night. I hope the party ended well for you!

Hopefully see you again soon, in China or somewhere else on earth :)”

Here are few links for Christine and the Queens:




image imageimage


A trendy summer

The summer is fast approaching and it’s time to update your wardrobe for the hotness of Shanghai. Mary Chingers – what do you think of these street styles? You can certainly adorn these outfits with your favorite pair of MC shoes. Our purple soles will give you a fresh pop of color and turn heads as you stride down the streets this season.

Photos by Check them out!



Joss Stone sings to Grand Stage

Last month Ms. Mary Ching attended the concert of Joss Stone 5th album, LP1, at the Shanghai Grand Stage. Joss Stone is a multi-talented UK singer and songwriter. Ms. Mary Ching loved the ‘soulful music’ and Stone’s ‘throaty voice’. And of course, her barefoot performance made it so much more entertaining to watch. Sadly we did not gift her any MARY CHING shoes!



Kim Hyun Joong entertaining away…

On Saturday June 9, some of our dear Mary Chingers scouted the concert of Korean artist Kim Hyun Joong. This might not be a Brit or Chinese event, but I am sure that with Shanghaiese love for stilettos, there’s plenty of Mary Ching clad fan girls screaming in the crowd.

image_thumb image_thumb4



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