Mary Ching Blog posts (set 2)

Here’s more of what I wrote. It’s also about events I went to and mostly what I’m interested in. =) enjoy!


Jason Mraz “Tour is a four letter word”

On June 14, Jason Mraz turned the Shanghai Grand stage into his playground. Any Mary Chingers in the crowd? Mraz came onto the stage dressed as if he was singing on the side walk – black t-shirt, jeans, hat and flip-flop. Classic! Mraz did wonders on that stage though. He sang for two hours consecutively starting with “the world as I see it” and ending with, my favorite, “I’m Yours”.

image             image            image


Shanghai International Film Festival 2012

June 16 – 24 are big days in Shanghai with celebrities walking the red carpet of Shanghai International Film Festival. This year the competition is against both global and local film makers. With Ms. Mary Ching’s mix of Chinese and British heritage, we do not know who to root for. Let’s see the fashion at the event. Ahh!! How we wish someone would walk out in Mary Ching heels!!

image         image           image


Father’s day gifting

Father’s day flew by, what did my dear Mary Ching girls give to their fathers?

Maybe he will think you’re spoiling him, but it will soon turn into a necessity in his life. Consider sophisticated scents like Byredo’s Mister Marvelous or spruce up his life with The Dapper Gentleman Grooming Kit. Or a Mary Ching slipper? You know he’ll love it!

Credit to Vogue

image          image          image



Jaeger-LeCoultre was pleased to announce during the Shanghai International Film Festival the beginning of a profound collaboration with Zhao Wei. Zhao Wei, the world famous film star, will attend a series of global ceremonies in her new identity as friend of the brand. More than a watch, Rendez-Vous embodies a free-spirited and spontaneous personality that is constantly reinvented and perpetually surprising. Behind the regular beat of its manufacture movement lays a concentrated blend of the creativity.

Credit to Jaegar-LeCoultre



Royal Style: Maggie Q for Cartier

From June 9 to September 9, the National Palace Musuem in Taipei will be showcasing a collection of antique jewelry that once belonged to the Qing Dynasty emperors and empresses, as well as European aristocrats. It is an exhibition of formed by the collaboration of Taipei’s national palace museum, Cartier Collection and China’s Shenyang palace museum. Maggie Q, a star with mixed heritage, host the grand opening event. Here’s a picture of the hair pin used by a Chinese empress and the brooch once owned by the Duchess of Windsor.

Credit to Jewelry News Asia

image         image        image


Scents of Summer

Here’s some tips from our Mary Ching girls and Vogue as to the scents that will keep you smelling wonderfully fresh all summer long. Along with the season’s budding flowers, summer’s prettiest fragrances are also in full bloom. Take Gucci’s Flora Garden which bottles opulent fruits and flowers in five pastel iterations, from Glamorous Magnolia and Gorgeous Gardenia to Gracious Tuberose. Rose scents—from Stella McCartney’s limited-edition Stella Summer and for sun-splashed escapes in the country or by the sea, it’s hard to resist packing Bulgari Omnia Coral. Salvatore Ferragamo’s Incanto charm has been an all time favorite. Should Mary Ching launch a perfume line?

Credit to Vogue



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