18/07/12–L’ulivo Italian restaurant

The little italian restaurant is located in Narathiwat road soi 7 within the sathorn area. It’s a cozy place to go chill with your friends for lunch or for a romantic dinner with your significant others. Everyone there was very friendly, it certainly have to atmosphere of a European restaurant. For the complimentary starters, we had the mushroom soup and ricotta cheese. Since we didn’t feel rushed into ordering, we took our time in going through the menu and asking for recommendations. We end up ordering scallop salad and eggplant for appetizers. The scallops were fresh and cooked to perfection. They could have given us more salad dressing though. I really like the eggplant =) Then we continued on with our carb-rich main courses of seafood lasagna and ravioli with sea bass. I love the seafood lasagna! it is certainly one of the best lasagna I’ve had, the thickness of the lasagna noodles were just right, and they gave a good portion of the seafood sauce. The ingredients were also very fresh. The raviolis were a bit too dry for my taste. My friend like it a lot though.

We finished our meal of with two desserts – chocolate tart and strawberry trifle. Nothing extraordinary here, but they were good.




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