Sushi Kanda, Bangkok, Thailand

After almost five months of hunting for a good sushi bar to take refuge in, I finally found Sushi Kanda today. Its a hidden gem tucked away in a corner on the 2nd floor of No88 building between Thonglor 5 and 9. The restaurant consist of 13-seats sushi bar, a table in the back and a private room. It is minimally decorated and gives a truly Japanese vibe. The place is operated by a Japanese chef, which is always a plus in Thailand. With my experiences at various Japanese places in Bangkok, I found that no matter how hard a Thai chef trained, the art of sushi-making is better mastered by a Japanese.

Sushi Kanda serves both omakase and ala carte. There’s two prices for the omakase: 3000 and 5000 THB ($100/$165) not including tax and service charge. I ordered the sushi only 3000baht omakase and I got 14 pieces as shown in the picture. The fish are fresh and the chef knows how to prepare them. This sushi bar is definitely worth my money (when compare to others in Thailand) and I’ll visit them again soon.






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