⭐️⭐️⭐️ The Fat Duck 25-01-2014

I finally found the time and passion to write a review on this michelin 3-starred restaurant in Bray.

Everything was planned the moment I was accepted to a university in the UK. I knew from that moment that I have to get a reservation at the Fat Duck in order to legitimately start my culinary adventure in this part of the world. Hence, in November, disregarding the time zone I set-up my alarm to match Fat Duck’s reservation time table and sat (im)patiently in front of my laptop. At 10am GMT, I logged on and make my reservation for January 25th 2014. Surprisingly, it was not that difficult to obtain the coveted tables at The Fat Duck. Now all I have to do is countdown for another two months.

Come January 25th, I woke up extra early on a rainy day to prepare for my trek to Bray. The train ride took almost an hour to Maidenhead and after that we took a cab to the restaurant. The cab driver was very efficient, he knew the place well. There were other food enthusiast on the way to fat duck as well. Let the race begin! Once we arrived at TFD, we were greeted with a warm welcome the moment we entered the premise.

Surprisingly, the atmosphere in TFD is more homey than I had imagined. The downside was that tables were placed too closed to each other. We saw what was served at the tables around us and the element of surprise diminished. The silverware adhere to the overall feel of the restaurant. Lastly, the service was impeccable.

Since I am writing this review a month after my visit, I don’t recall every detail about the food. However, the food were well cooked. The flavor went well with each other, except for one dish I think that was a bit too salty – the taste overwhelmed the ingredients. I love the sound of the sea, mad hatter’s tea party, the salmon, and the queen of tarts. Heston without a doubt excel in terms of creativity. The presentation was impressive, yet simple enough to be understood.

When compared to other three stars, I think TFD is comparable to Eleven Madison Park in New York City. I like 11mp more though. The food there was not only beautifully presented but more innovative. Domestically, TFD is definitely better than Alain Ducasse.


Price: around GBP 250

Food: 4.5/5

Service: 4.8/5





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