⭐️ Seven Park Place by William Drabble

Michelin 1 star

The restaurant is situated in St. James hotel near Green Park Station. Its a bit hidden though being at the end of the street.

I’ll have to admit that I came here expecting edible food and nothing great. But this meal turned out to be delicious! I had the lobster tail for my starter and thoroughly enjoyed it. (There’s a £20 supplement to the normal 3-course lunch set though) For the main course, I had the black bream which was perfectly cooked. I was very happy that the skin was crispy while the meat was still moist and sweet. The flavor of both dishes were quite delicate. No one ingredient overpowering the rest. Lastly, the dessert was nice. Maybe a bit too simple, however, it was delicious.

The service was attentive. The table we had was near the bar and service area. Dont really like that, the inside area with plush cushion and sofa looks welcoming though.

Food: 8.5
Service: 8.8
Atmosphere: 8









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