Selfridges x Magnum

To celebrate its 25th birthday, Magnum opened a pop-up make your own Magnum shop at Selfridges.

Since the line wasn’t so bad today, I decide to queue up after lunch. I had about a 5-minute wait before I was served. While in line, I was informed that there’s wifi that I can use and there’s a make your own Magnum website where I can design my own Magnum before actually buying one. Unfortunately, the wifi worked perfectly, but the Magnum site did not.

Make your own Magnum steps:
1. Choose the flavor
2. Pick up to 3 toppings
3. Decide which kind of chocolate you want to dip it in
4. Choose the chocolate drizzle
5. While waiting for it to set, take pictures and upload (@magnumuk #selfridgesxmagnum)
6. Enjoy!

For me it was a vanilla ice-cream (didnt have choice today) dipped in dark chocolate, drizzled with white chocolate, and covered in hazelnuts, honeycomb and rose petals.

I struggled to finish it, since it was quite large and a bit too sweet for me. But o well, its dessert!












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