Ginza Sushi Ichi, Bangkok, Thailand

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Unlike a year or ago, sushi restaurants are no longer a rarity in Bangkok. A few japanese sushi chefs have ventured into Bangkok culinary scene to cater to the high demand for authentic sushi. There’s three of the top of my head – Sushi Kanda (which I have reviewed),  Sushi Hinata in Central Embassy, and Sushi Ichi.

Ginza Sushi Ichi as suggested by the name came from all the way from Ginza. The 1 michelin starred Tokyo establishment has in recent years expanded to Singapore and now Bangkok. It is situtaed in the basement of the plaza at Grand Hyatt Erawan in the city center easily accesible by the BTS sky train.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by friendly staff who immediately took me to my seat at the sushi bar in front of the Japanese chef in residence. I ordered the omakase which is priced at 4000baht at lunch and 10000 baht at dinner. Thats why I opted to come here for lunch instead of dinner. No matter how good this meal is, 10k ($300 ++) is unjustifiable, since that’s what you would pay for at Sukiyabashi Jiro or Sushi Mizutani (both are world famous, Michelin 3 starred establishments in Japan).

The sushi themselves are prepared with quality ingredients. The shari (sushi rice) was not over vinegared and served at room temperature. While the neta (toppings) were fresh, some sauce/seasonings were slightly too strong. It overpowered the flavor of this fish. However, this might have be adjusted to cater to Thais strong taste preference. I found that some of the starters are better at Sushi Kanda and the sashimi was standard. One dish I particularly love was the ikura-uni don. Nothing can go wrong with good sea urchin! Also, the anago (sea eel) was better than most places in Thailand.

Although I wasn’t full at the end, it was a fulfilling lunch and satisfied my cravings my legitimate sushi. The meal came out to be 6500 baht including the omakase, extra piece of uni sushi, green tea, tax, and service charge.

The photos shown are in the order I ate them. Not a perfectly choreograph sequence, but it certainly was a great meal. By far the best sushi establishment in Thailand.

L1004954 L1004958 L1004963 L1004965 L1004966 L1004967 L1004969 L1004973 L1004976 L1004979 L1004980 L1004981 L1004987 L1004991 L1004994 L1004998 L1005000 L1005001 L1005004


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