⭐️ Asador Etxebarri, Axpe Valley, Spain

Asador Etxebarri is nestled in the Axpe Valley about an hour or from Bilbao and even farther away from San Sebastian. If your taking the public transportation like I did, it’ll take approximately 90 minutes from Bilbao and 2 hours from San Sebastian. The drive here is picturesque with the limestone mountain setting contrast to the blue sky and green meadows. This unique restaurant features a menu that evolves around the freshness of the ingredients that are then cooked over the wood-fire. In 2014, it holds 1 michelin star and rank 34th in the World Best Restaurant ranking.

I really enjoyed my dining experience here, however, would not go out of my way to revisit due to its proximity to the middle of nowhere. I have nothing but praise for this lovely restaurant. Its simple good food, which I don’t mind having.

Cozy dining space on the 2nd floor of the house. I had my pick between the table in the middle and this one in the corner. Of course, I chose the one in the corner!


The standard menu for that day. Mine was recreated into a pescatarian one.


Started the meal with some beta-carotene (carrot juice).


Homemade mozzarella, from their buffalos in the back of the establishment, served with tomato. The goat’s milk butter and freshly baked bread were lovely as well.







Bell peppers and mushrooms


Shrimp. Its the first time I ever had to peel them myself. I usually refuse to eat shrimps/prawns unless they are out of their shells.




Palamos prawns – the best prawns I’ve ever had. Its barely cooked, but perfect in texture and flavor. Very fresh and aromatic.




Scrambled eggs and white truffle




I’m a tuna lover and these white belly tuna are to die for. The freshness of the ingredient is not over powered by the seasoning.


My least favorite dish is this one – figs and frozen beer.


Thankfully, there’s a second dessert that I love dearly. I wouldn’t mind sitting there eating a pint of the reduced milk icecream. Its served in beetroot juice, which surprisingly did not taste awful.

L1005178 L1005179


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