Day 1: Morning landing. Pick up car from Avis then went into Dublin for lunch at a 2 michelin starred restaurant. The rest of the afternoon was spent visiting the guinness brewery storehouse. At 730pm we started our two hours or so drive to Limerick. Although its in the middle on nowhere, staying here cuts down driving time on Saturday. Overnight at Travelodge.

Day 2: From Limerick, its a 1 hour drive to Cliff of Moher. Its a beautiful day and the color of the sea and grass on the cliff cuts dramatically. From there we drove through The Burren, a rocky mountain area, to grab lunch at Moran’s Oyster Cottage. Although the restaurant is out of the way, it was worth the drive. We had an amazing fresh seafood feast. After lunch its quite a long drive to the start of the Ring of Kerry at Killarney national park. I think it took us almost three hours to get there. Since we didn’t have time to drive the entire 180km circuit on the Ring of Kerry. We visited what we can of the Killarney National Park before ending the day in Cork which was 1.5 hour drive away. For those of you who loves good food, I recommend getting into Cork early or making a reservation at one of the restaurant that takes rsvp. There’s definitely more demand than supply. Overnight at Blarney hotel.
Day 3: Its another early morning start today. We have a visit to Jameson Distillery which was about half an hour away from our hotel. Its opened at 10am and the first tour began at around 10.30am. We ended up spending more time here than we thought and was an hour delayed on our way to Glendalough. Unlike yesterday, we’re not so lucky with the weather. Its raining cats and dogs all day with spots of sunshine here and there. But somehow we managed to get out of the car when its not raining. Yeah! Wicklow mountains national park aka Glendalough was a three hour drive away from the distillery. We didn’t have much time left in the park so we made stops along the way wherever we could. And we decided to drive the longer way to Dublin airport via Sally Gap. It adds 30-45mins more depending if you go through Dublin city center or not. We returned our car around 5pm and got to the aiport at 5.45pm – just in time for our 6.55pm flight back to London.

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