Faroe Islands

It took us awhile to get here. Definitely not an easily accessible destination. First, we had to fly over to Copenhagen and spend a night there in order to take the morning flight to the Faroe Islands. Although a small territory and under the Danish rules, they have their own airline and phone company – which is a pain since my Three service is free in Denmark.
Once we got there we were embraced by the beautiful nature and charming port capital. Torshavn is probably the world smallest capital, its pretty much a town more than a city. The buidlings around the port area is very colorful though and we love the contrast it makes with the brilliant blue sky.
Before our afternoon trip to Saksun, we enjoyed our breakfast at a cafe right on the harbour while nearby the fishermens are selling their freshly caught fish. The weather is a bit cool for summer when compared to other places, but I learned that the average summer temperature here is under 20c anyway. And we’re lucky if its not raining.
Saksun is a small village in the northwest of the Faroese islands. It was an inlet with a harbour but it all got covered up when a tsunami hit and covered it with sand. The mountains in the valley as in the rest of the islands are only covered by a thin layer of soil and grass. Since there’s rocks underneath, it does not absorb water and when it rains there’s waterfalls everywhere. This make a really unique and beautiful scenery.
On our second day we took a cruise tour along the cliff of Vestmanna. Sadly its a rainy and windy day, so we tried to take cover most of the time. This boat tour is probably one of the most popular one on the islands. The boat sailed into some grottos and through narrow tunnels. At some point we got so closed to the cliffs that I had to hold my breath. I think there were some birds around but I don’t remember which that we saw. Only know that people used to come out to hunt puffins, but its illegal now.
Fortunately, the tour lasted for only two hours. Any more than that and I would fall asleep inside the boat.

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