Jersey, Channel Islands

Jersey in the Channel Islands was our last weekend trip before we head to Iceland and the US. We flew out of London on a Friday afternoon with our fingers crossed for excellent weather. We knew that it wouldn’t be warm, but at least some sunshine would be nice.

As expected, we were blessed the entire weekend with sunshine and cool breeze. Our first stop after dropping our bags off at the Best Western hotel was a Michelin one starred restaurant in the city center of St. Helier. The restaurant of course holds plenty of seafood on the menu. We both enjoyed our fish, shellfish, and desserts. The atmosphere was very chill. There was no dress code.

On Saturday, we took a day tour of the entire island. Visiting whatever is important. The tour cost GBP20 per person and was well worth it. The guide is knowledgeable and cheerful. Although the temperature was slightly too cold to get into the sea, there were plenty of surfers enjoying the waves. As for my part, I had excellent fish and chips at a seafood shack. And ended my afternoon with a delightful Jersey milk ice cream. It was so creamy, but not overly sweet.

The only downside of this trip is probably us hoping to have Thai food on Saturday evening, but we didn’t know that the place would be packed! Hence, we didn’t make a reservation and ended having to order Chinese takeaway. =P That’s partly because we’re too tired to go find a proper restaurant.

On Sunday, we took the morning flight back. It was too short of a trip. Another night here would be great. But there wouldn’t be much to do other than eat and chill anyway. Well for those Michelin-star collectors out there, there’s quite a few restaurants here for a surprisingly small island. I wouldn’t mind coming back here just to collect the other couple of stars.


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