Gdansk is a charming city in the north of Poland on the Baltic coast. Its part of a Tricity area with Sopot and Gdynia. We were in the area for three nights hoping to skydive on one of those days. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t in our favor and we ended up spending one day chilling in the spa town of Sopot instead.
In Gdansk, we took a free walking tour of the city to explore all the important places and learn a bit about the history and culture. This city have gone under the control of Prussia-Germany in the past and also have been a free independent city. While it was a free city, Gdansk was known as the Free City of Danzig. This covers the period between the world wars.
Another important fact is that Gdańsk was the birthplace of the Solidarity movement in 1980. This movement played a major role in bringing an end to Communisin Poland and helped start the end of the Eastern Bloc, Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union.
We didn’t expect the old town to be as crowded as it was. But it was totally packed due a century old St. Dominic Fair that runs in the beginnging of August. Luckily, we booked most of the restaurants that we were going to dine at beforehand. Otherwise it would have been quite a wait.
Since the weather did not permit me to sky dive, we spent our Sunday in Sopot. Its a spa town not far from Gdansk. Sopot is known for its architecture, pier, and obviously – spa.


The capital of Poland is short of intriguing unless you love war history. The old town (Nowy Swiat) is cute during the Christmas holiday season though. For Michelin star collectors, there’s two one starred restaurants here – Atelier Amaro and Senses. Unfortunately, although I frequented this city in 2015, I have not been to both.



The hill side town is a short drive from Krakow. It makes an awesome weekend trip in the mountains. There’s a ski place in the area as well. I didn’t expect it to snow in November, but it was breathtaking at the top of the mountain. The walk took forever though and it was quite scary for me on the way down.


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