Its a city I frequented over the past year. Although when I first visited, I wasn’t so fond of Berlin. Its big, difficult to get around without a car, and most of the city isn’t pretty. However, after concluding my 4th trip there in November 2016, I realized that Berlin is fun and full of live. Hipster, new blood kinda town. The cost of living is not that high. There’s more and more good restaurant opening up – some with the michelin starred pedigree as well. My current favorite is Bandol Sur Mer and Horvath. 

As for sightseeing, the free walking tour of Berlin is highly informative. For those that don’t know the free walking tour system, you just need to show up at the designated time and take the tour. Its runned on a tip basis and €5 is pretty much standard. After enjoying the sights and enticing your taste buds, you can shop at a Kadewe. The department store holds a rich history. They have a vast selection of items and the food hall on the top floor is a must visit.


Dresden is a lovely city about two hours from Berlin. A visit here could be done as a day trip or stay a night like I did. I stayed at the Kempinski hotel which is right in the old town and near the Zwinger. There’s a tram stop a minute or so away. Highly recommended for travelers who are apart of the Expedia Gold+ member. They do upgrades for VIP access. 

The old town itself is charming. I found that it reminds so much of Prague. If you start early in the morning, then you would be able to visit a few museums as well. I recommend entering Zwinger and the Green Vault. In case that you don’t want to walk around yourself, you can join the free walking tour that commence at 2pm from Martin Luther statue. 

Food wise – during my short stay here I visited Elements restaurant – which have a michelin star. Its not right in the city center, but there’s a direct tram there. Pretty good food, chill place with good wine recommendations and friendly staff. 


I went to Dusseldorf in November 2015. So when trying to think back to it, there’s not much I remember. I was there as a one night trip from Berlin. There’s a large population of Japanese there, so there’s plenty of Japanese restaurants. Other than that I enjoyed the walk along the river and viewing artsy architectural buildings. 


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