Sichuan, China

World of caution: Not for gentle souls

My encounter with the Chinese tourists in September 2016 somewhat destroyed my love for the country and my perception of the developing nation. Soldly written for to get rid of my frustration. 


This year I returned again to China after last year’s visit to search for shangrila. I love the scenery in this vast nation. To get to Jiu Zhai Gou, I had to fly into Chengdu first then take a 35 minutes domestic flight to Songpan airport. Its easily accessible and the hotel helped to arrange all the transfers.

The only problem I have again this trip is with the Chinese tourists. Everything have improved in the past decade, except this one thing. They are still rude, loud, dirty, lacking manners and respect for others. Spending a day in JiuZhaiGou means I’m surrounded by them.

I’m not surprised why the Chinese are the worst tourists ever. They are terrible even in their own country. Although JiuZhaiGou is beautiful, there are other wonderful places to visit in the world – that with better and less humans.

Huanglong National Park

I’m so happy this place is not as crowded as JiuZhaiGou. Although there’s still too many ill-mannered Chinese tourists and they again don’t know how to flush.

Other than that, Huanglong is amazingly beautiful. The layer pools, the backdrop of the snow mountains, and the fall foliage. We took the cable car up which saved us 2.5 hours of walking. From the cable car it was about a 2km walk to the pools. The picturesque walk down took 2 rushed hours. I would recommend sparing three hours for the walk down in order to not have to rush so much. But we had a flight to catch, so not much we can do regarding time.

We drove to Huanglong straight from the Intercontinental hotel in JiuZhai valley at 6.30am. Got here at 8.30am. By the time the cable car took us to the top, it was already 9am. The 2km walk inside took another 45minutes on the slippery wooden plank because it decided to snow a bit before our arrival. So we had 2 hours 20 minutes to walk down hill and take photos as well. Definitely too rushed.

The first night we spent in Chengdu was at the Holiday Inn. I definitely like the Fraser Suites (where we spent the last night) better. Less Chinese tourists, less crowded, better breakfast, and an internet that works without VPN. 

In Chengdu, we visited JinLi ancient street to explore some old architecture. Not much here, but it was an afternoon well spent anyway. It was too crowded for my liking and I’ve seen prettier old towns – LiJiang and Shangrila. I enjoyed the Starbucks though.

The other place we went to was the Panda center. This one is well worth the time. The pandas were so cute! We recommend to spend around three hours here as well since the place is quite vast.

Before coming to Chengdu, I expected food in Sichuan to be awesome. But this trip made we realized that I can’t eat here! Its too oily and most things are meat based. The mala hotpot was extremely oily and smell strongly of beef. It makes me crave for my favorite hotpot place in London – Shuang Shuang. I’m so making it my first stop when I get back to London.


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