Sri Lanka

Not much to say about this country. I spend a week here on the beach. Before we got to Anantara Tangalle, we seek refuge at the Heritance Tea Factory to experience the tea plantation life. We plucked tea in the morning and did tea tasting after. 

Since Sri Lanka is one of the key Buddhist nation, we visited a famous temple on the way to Tangalle. I had a chance to wear a saree since my above the knee dress was not proper enough and the short sleeve wasn’t ok as well.

In Tangalle, we basically didn’t go anywhere other than the hotel’s private beach and the public beach nearby. The pool villa here is secluded and well layout. Or maybe it was just because the hotel was just partly open back in December 2015. We like that everything was brand new and the service attentive.We spend a day scuba diving in the area but saw nothing significant. While on our drive back to Colombo, we visited Galle an old colonial town. Its peaceful and have an old charm. However, the weather here is so much hotter than the breezy Tangalle. I guess I made the right choice not to spend a night here.


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