Switzerland (+ Lichenstein)

I’ve been to this picturesque landlocked nation a handful of times over the past decade. First for its undistrupted beauty and second for its education. I was in Switzerland for a few weeks for summer camp and totally loved the mountains here. The amazing view of the Mt. Blanc right outside my window every morning. 

During the other visits, I usually go to Montreux, Genava, and Lausanne. So basically around Lake Geneva. All three places are worth at least a day. Zurich is a given since Thai Airways direct flights land there. There’s nothing I fancied about it though. I prefer Bern more. Even though small, its charming with the clock tower and the blue river cutting through. Oh, and the bear park! 

Visiting Gruyere and Lichenstein are good day trip options. Gruyere for the cheese and fondue. Liechtenstein to get a tiny country off your bucket list. Another good trip is taking the scenic train, but you need to have plenty of time and enjoy the slow life. The view is breathtaking nonetheless – as it is at most locations in Switzerland.

As for food, its expensive! But you must already know this. There’s a few michelin-starred places scattered around. I managed to dine at Anne Sophie-Pic at the Beau Rivage Hotel in Lausanne. Beautiful setting and standard good food. I recommend going there during the summer where everything is so vibrant.


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