Bergen, Norway

Bergen, in the west coast, is the second largest city in Norway. The city center is in a fjords “Byfjorden” and surrounded by mountains. The smaller islands within the municipality can be seen from the view point at Mt. Floyen. To get up there, people can take a funicular up for 45 NOK. I suggest taking it back down as well if you don’t love hiking down hill. It’ll take you about an hour if you hike down. 
The old town area “Bryggen” is small, but colorful. The color of the buildings in contrast with the mountain and water makes it a vibrant scene. There’s a few museums in the city, but a day here is enough. 

For a weekend trip, you can also enjoy the Norway in Nutshell tour to enjoy the fjords and beautiful countryside sceneries. The tour leaves Bergen around 8.30am. First, you will take the train to Myrdal via Voss and cruise for two hours to Flam. Then you take a scenic train back to Bergen. The scenic train is a very good experience and highly recommended. This tour can be done round trip or from Bergen to Oslo (vice versa). With this program, you can explore Oslo and Bergen in one weekend. I found that there’s really not much to Oslo and more than a day there would be too much. 

For food in Bergen, lunch at the fish market is recommended. There’s delicacy like the whale steak as well. 1877 and Lysverket restaurants are good for dinners. In case you’re bored with Nordic food, Samrabthai is a good Thai restaurant near the Radisson Blu Norge. I grabbed a takeaway dinner from there to have at the airport. Its about a 15 minutes wait for food. Very convenient since the restaurant is only minutes away from the Flybus airport bus stop. 

Its a half an hour bus ride to the airport and getting there one hour before your flight is enough. Not much to do there. And there’s limited selection of food as well. So eat before or bring food! 


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