The Kingdom of Bahrain, an island nation, is the smallest country in the GCC. Its between Saudi Arabi and Qatar. Whilst small in size and population, the middle eastern kingdom have a rich history and culture. 

A layover trip here of about 6-8 hours is sufficient to tour the island. Sights to visit include the Quran museum, Grand mosque, National museum, and Bahrain fort. I recommend you to skip the Tree of Life since its a two hours round trip from the city and there’s literally nothing there other than that tree. 

For a good meal that will keep you full, try Saffron by Jena. They are famous for the all day breakfast platter – one is enough for two people. It’ll cost 7.5 Bahrain Dinar for the food and a coffee with milk. That comes to almost £20. 

The cost of living is ridiculously expensive here. Do not take the cab! Either join an organized day tour or hire a car for the day. The car and driver for 8 hours cost BD 65. 


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